The Diamond Approach® is a contemporary spiritual path, leading to self-realization and human maturity. This path, developed by
A.H. Almaas, is designed for people who live ordinary lives of work and family. Diamond Approach students practice open-ended inquiry, a moment-to-moment investigation into the truth of their experience.

Jane Hill-Daigle is an ordained teacher of the Diamond Approach.
She has been a student of A.H. Almaas since 1990 and a member
of the International Teacher Training group since 1997.

Jane has a background in classical music as both pianist and teacher. She worked as a Reiki Master (teacher and healing practitioner) from 1988-2007. Experience in these fields and exploration of other body/mind disciplines over many years have deepened her appreciation of the uniqueness and beauty of the human soul.

Jane works with individuals and groups in Canada and the USA.

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